Crazy about traveling

Silver Media is a company founded on the passion for travelling. A passion, which is shared by both owners. At first Silver Media was just used to make websites about holidays and holiday destinations. In the beginning the work was done besides the day-to-day job, later on this turned into full time. Nowadays Silvermedia is a full-fledged player in the world of digital travelling.

Our websites differ from portals like, and to websites about specific destinations as Dubai, Ibiza, Antwerp, Miami, Aruba and Hong Kong. A great part of our portfolio exist of "for beginners"-sites like Paris for beginners and Brussels for beginners. Dubai is the destination we have written about most. The latest website about this sunny oasis is all about Dubai.

Although the scale of our work has grown a lot bigger in the last few years, we remain faithful to our key values in our work. We only write from our own experience, try and use as much of our own photographs as possible and remain true to our selves. We’re not twenty-year-old backpackers hopping around the jungle. For us traveling means visiting nice cities, discovering beautiful beaches and learning from other cultures.

Besides maintaining and expending our current websites we will be focussing more on blogging in the future. Focus will still lie on sharing our own experience but it will be combined with a more interactive relation with our visitors and a more dynamic content. Our first project like this will be Nieuw Bourgondië. Together with our regular partners from Mediajam we’re hoping to make this an inspiring blog combining two of our passions: traveling and enjoying good food and drinks.

Core figures

  • our total portfolio consist of more than hundred and twenty personal websites and dozens of websites made together with others

  • our total network receives over 2.1 million visitors a month

  • on a yearly basis our websites generate over 45 million page views

Patrick introduces himself

In primary school already, I new that when I grew up I wanted to travel. I never felt particularly Dutch, but more of a worldcitizen who can be at home everywhere. After more than a month in the Netherlands I get restless. I can’t wait to go out and discover new destinations or widen my experience in old ones. Traveling ables me to enjoy my other great hobby, which is photography.

Silvia introduces himself

For many years now Patrick and I have been traveling with our daughters to al kinds of destinations. Since our girls are getting older I am having more and more time to go out on my own.
By combining our experiences together new ideas are being born where we can use lots of our creativity. We like to share this with the world.

More information?

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